Feel The Good with Shawl

Episode 6: Tejal V. Patel, Podcaster & Author

September 21, 2020 Shawlini Manjunath-Holbrook Season 1 Episode 6
Feel The Good with Shawl
Episode 6: Tejal V. Patel, Podcaster & Author
Show Notes

Tejal V. Patel is a mindfulness and meditation advocate and a mom.  We dive into what does meditation mean, her book Mediation for Kids: 40 Activities to Manage Emotions, Ease Anxiety and Stay Focused, her transition from being a divorce attorney to now, coach/author and what's next for her on this journey to raise the first generation of mindful children.  This conversation will inspire you to follow your life's purpose, infuse mindfulness into your family and learn ways in which to help yourself and you & your children understand one another and heal emotionally.     

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Spread the Good - Tejal's Charitable Organization Mentioned in this Episode:

*Sudara Freedom Fund